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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Tonya Harding: Gay Man?

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Recent evidence unearthed by muckraking journalists such as "Star" magazine and "Weekly News" have suggested that famous ice skating star and assault and battery expert Tonya Harding might not only be a man, but also a homosexual.
Her mother was quoted in a press conference as stating, "Well, she has a penis. She also kissed alot of guys. I don't know, seems gay to me."
Tonya Harding became infamous several years ago when she bashed in a rival skater's kneecaps in a fit of homosexual rage and jealousy. An anonymous tip came in later that night from Tonya's home that reported she (Harding) "liked to kiss the same sex" and "beat the s$#% out of that s$#% wh%#$."
She was never charged, but many remain skeptical concerning her sexuality.
Her long term boyfriend (anonymous) gave Tuesday Times an exclusive interview.
"Well, her mom was right. She definitely had male parts. She shamed me, and forced me to wear panties sometimes. She still is the man in my life, and I'd do anything for her to stop breathing. No further questions."
Tuesday Times will have an interview with the gay lesbo murderer next week. N o further questions.
-Frank Duprosti

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