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Monday, June 05, 2006

Gay Hating and Picture Hustlin'

Of course when you see the headline you must think of the man. No, not the white guy that owns the company you're probably at right now hoping he doesn't pop around the corner and catching you reading this shit, but THE man. Commander in Chief Bush. So, he might now like gays, but at least he used to bug-zap killers in Texas.

Bush and Frist are quoted in CNN'sunmatchable in detail story as stating that no other institution is as perfectly conceieved as marriage between a man and a woman, possibly explained why DaVinci was so obsessed with Jesus's love life.

Speaking of love lives that are bullshit, Brad Pitt is a bastard. After ravaging one of the hottest women in existence, he knocked up a full lipped brother-humping vial of blood toting psycho, who also happens to be 7 years younger than Anniston and very, very attractive. Thier baby pictures are being sold, and will then be distributed by Getty images. Other celebrities have sold their baby pictures for millions, so it won't be a shocker when these Polaroids bring in some serious fuckin bank.

With parents that have been repeatedly named as the sexiest of their respective sexes, the baby is bound to be attractive. Sources close to the couple have released this sketch of the infant:

The baby is said to be in good health.

Meanwhile, don't ever cheat on your boyfriend. Bitch.

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